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Faith & Chase

Renee and her team were everything I didn’t know I needed to make my wedding dreams come true.

They helped navigate us through all the ups and downs, which there are bound to be at some point. So you want someone who you can trust and knows the best of the best. 

She is so professional and friendly and we loved having her there from beginning to end. 

There is no single more important investment you can possibly make in the success of your wedding and your happiness throughout the process than to select and entrust the right planning team.

- becca atchison

Ashley was so beyond on top of everything and the timeline she crafted was the best I had ever seen, and I work with other bride and groom's timelines on a weekly basis as a vendor myself.

The most important component to having your day run smoothly is having a team you can trust and Ashley and Renee both were that for me. They were literally a dream come true and blew every expectation of mine out of the water.

Macy & Blake

xo, Renee

This journey was a long one, and I never realized where the road I was taking would lead me. Until 2012—when it all came together.
I started working in the wedding industry as a makeup artist in 2008, after a career with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. I left the executive world of crunching numbers, sales, and artist management for a world of beautiful brides and fun.

After working closely with so many amazing vendors here in the Florida Panhandle, I noticed there was a place for me. With my legal background (imagine a 20-something litigation paralegal, a go-getter type, up to her eyeballs in briefs and junior paralegals wondering what to do next!), many years spent learning the ropes of big business from a Fortune 500 company, and a life-long love of all things design thanks to my mom (hence the Bachelor's Degree in Art History), I decided to carve out a spot for myself as a design-focused (ok fine, obsessed!), spreadsheet wrangling, hand-holding- Wedding Planner. 

I didn't know those experiences were preparing me for the job I love so much—more than a decade later. I look forward to serving you in what I know will be an unforgettable life moment.


Meet  Renee


Born and raised in Indiana, I am a native mid-westerner who has always been drawn to the beach. The white sand and unbelievably clear water make it an amazing backdrop for any occasion, but especially idyllic for a dream wedding. This beautiful oasis is now home to me and my sweet furbaby, Meeko!

I’ve always had the gift of organization, natural ability for leadership, and a passion for serving in all capacities. My skill set is colorful and comprehensive– with a background in ministry, the service industry, and financial sector. With this skill set, I can confidently say that I’m equipped to handle all aspects of planning your special day! Thriving under pressure and handling critical moments in a timely, calm manner have become hallmarks of my planning style. I’ll walk you through every detail of your day – from cake flavors to your first look!

My relationship with you, as the client, is what I value most. I love seeing each unique love story unfold. Planning a wedding- bringing your vision to life- is infinitely less stressful when you find the right person who truly listens to and values your opinions. I can’t wait to be that person for you!

Lead wedding PLANNER

Meet Ashley


Liz Piazza here. Currently on the coffee-filled, juggling act known as the final stretch, before I graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality from UCF.

I’m a military kid- Air Force, to be exact. With that brings meeting new faces at each and every turn, along with traveling to beautiful, and sometimes remote, places all over the country. Up until high school, I was home schooled, which brings a special set of talents to the table. (Thankfully, my work family appreciates my resourcefulness!) What did I learn from those experiences? I learned not to be fearful, so I moved to NYC. I learned serving people brought me joy, and the hospitality industry interested me, so I landed a job with Mickey.

I learned that a place is home, when it feels like home. When I began working for Renee and Ashley, there was an instant connection that made me feel like we had been friends for years. Ashley and I are devoted dog moms, and Renee and I often talk about our work at Disney during our college years. We agree, there’s something about that experience which shapes young minds in the hospitality sector to reach higher, and elevating a guest’s experience to something “magical” is meaningful work. Predestined? I believe so!

I’m currently loving my new apartment in Santa Rosa Beach and looking forward to planning an unforgettable event for you.


Meet Liz

Alex & Patrick

When people asked us about our wedding planning our answers were slightly shocking to the average person...We chose a wedding planner we'd never met. We chose to get married at a location we'd never been to or seen. And since we ultimately wanted to be guests at our own wedding, we entrusted many of the finer details to Renee and her outstanding team. And they delivered - BIG TIME! We truly had the most perfect dream wedding we could have ever hoped for.

I trusted her fully

Whitney & Robert

Renee and her staff made me feel so comfortable and taken care of, honestly I felt like a celebrity the whole night. I was reluctant to hire a planner because we wanted to keep within our budget, but I have to tell you, it is literally the best money you will EVER spend. Worth EVERY SINGLE CENT. I did not have to think of one detail and everything was EXACTLY as I dreamed, and honestly better.


Claudia & Justin

I cannot imagine our wedding day without A Wedding Collection! While planning our wedding, Renee took care of everything, literally. I never once was worried and anytime I felt slightly overwhelmed, Renee always made me feel better! I thought being an out of state bride would mean that the planning process would be difficult, but it was so effortless all because of Renee. My husband and I truly had the best time on our wedding day and we will forever be grateful to Renee, Allison, and Ashley!

I never once was worried...

Photography - Abby Rice Photo
Videographer - Anna Smith
Planner - A Wedding Collection

Ceremony Venue - Seaside Chapel
Flowers - Mrs Rose´s


Macy & Blake

Photography - Miranda Stallings
Videographer - Anna Smith
Planner - A Wedding Collection

Venue - Carillon’s Meeting House
Flowers - Vine + Petals


Molly & Ashton

Photography - Miranda Stallings
Videographer - Anna Smith
Planner - A Wedding Collection

Venue - Carillon’s Meeting House
Flowers - Vine + Petals


Jordyn & Tucker



Let’s get to wedding planning